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Decorative Item

Premium Decorative Items applied by Electroforming Process.

Electroformed Jewelry

Apply electroforming process is one of our expertise. Without designs limitations, everything is possible.

Electroformed Chains

With our unique technique, making electroforming chain is possible.

Special Order

This is yours shows. We accept special orders whether they are statues, bust, gold or silver furniture parts, etc. You name it, we make possible.

Our Story

Who are we? What is Phoenix Group? This section is our history, our styles and techniques.


This section has varieties of our product. Electroforminf products, Electroplating products.


For brands and individuals that require specially made Electroforming products.

Anything we could serve?

Interests in Electroforming products or services – Special request for personal or business uses – Require more information

Please Get-in-Touch with us directly.