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The group was started as a traditional gold and jewelry smith family in 1965.

In 1979, after hardworking and careful investment, Mr. Wanchai transformed the company and registered as “Phoenix Metal Co., Ltd”. Phoenix Group, then, concentrated on making jewelry with electroplating process along with traditional techniques.

Denied to stay still, Mr. Wanchai, along with his family, did an intense research on how to make electroplating products last as long as possible. During that period, “Electroforming” process was introduced to him as alternative to normal electroplating process. Since then, Phoenix Group has been manufactured Electroforming products as well as continually developed new products using this process.

With experience and vision, Phoenix Group invented techniques to further the capabilities of Electroforming products. Thus, electroforming chain making process, and Milleluci technique were invented. Phoenix groups also applied Electroforming process to create other applications rather than jewelry such as decorative items, watches’ parts, bags’ part, and other industries that require strong and light weight precious metal items.

Today, Phoenix Group supplies more than 200,000 pieces of 18K gold Electroforming Jewelry yearly, and much more silver Electroforming Jewelry for luxury brands worldwide. The group also supplies custom decorative items and parts for special individuals in many exotic projects such as 24K gold electroformed door handle, silver and 18K gold electroformed crane’s head, sets of silver electroformed statues for scenarios, etc.

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